Helpful Goodies

An assortment of helpful spreadsheets, printables, and other goodies, compliments of deltiolog!

Collection Tracking Spreadsheets

 Click to get a copy of my UNESCO card tracking spreadsheet

Click to get a copy of my National Parks (U.S.) card tracking spreadsheet

Click to get a copy of my maps & flags card tracking spreadsheet

All the sheets feature an overview page, highlighting the number of cards collected and the percent to completion. The sheets are also color-coded: entering ‘yes’ in the received field will turn that cell to green, entering ‘coming’ will turn the cell to yellow, allowing you to easily see what sites you have or are on their way to you! The document does all the counting and color-coding for you, leaving more time for postcard writing.

Postage Reference Printables

These reference printables are designed to be printed on 8.5 by 11 inch paper, or A4 paper, whichever is more common in the relevant country. When printing, choose to print at “original size,” do not “fit to page” or “fill page.” That way the letter-size gauges will be the correct size.

If you do not see your country listed and would like to help me make a printable for it, send me an email summarizing the postage rates (for cards and letters), allowed sizes, the last time the postage rate changed, plus any other information you think would be useful. I’d also welcome translations into local languages and corrections to incorrect information.

Click to get the U.S. Post Office postage rate printable

Click to get the Canada Post postage rate printable: (English) (français)

Click to get the Deutsche Post postage rate printable

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