deltiology: the study and collection of postcards

deltiolog: the log of all those collected postcards

Greetings! I started deltiolog to document the various postcards that I have started to collect through Postcrossing, online purchases, and elsewhere. Postcards aren’t just a piece of paper; they’re art, they’re history, they’re communication, they’re a human connection. In addition to showing my growing collection of cards, I’ll also be sharing stories behind the cards, reviews of postcard books and postcard printing services, and anything else postcard related!

About me: My name is Kate; I’m a law student from the United States. I have two homes on either side of the country: my home in Oregon where I go to school, and my home in Pennsylvania where I was born. I love dogs. I have a dog named Colin who is a miniature poodle. I also like to travel and see new places, but since I have to stay in the same place for school, I have to see the world in postcards.

Many thanks to ajk for designing the header image.

Disclaimer: I am not officially affiliated with the Postcrossing project, Swap-bot, Amazon.com, or anyone else. I don’t receive any incentives to write reviews of postcard books or other goods and services. I do have a Zazzle store where you can purchase postcards and other items printed with my own photographs, and I receive a commission from these sales, but Zazzle doesn’t pay me to post about them on this blog.

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