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Hello again readers, today I have two Postcrossing postcards to share with you.


The first comes from China in July 2013, and shows the headquarters of the Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, the HSBC Building. The sender writes that this building was built a few hundred years ago, but was in fact built in the 1920s. With how slow time has been passing while our social distancing/stay at home order has been in place, the 1920s certainly feels like it could be a few hundred years ago.



The second card comes from India in October, 2013, and shows Gol Gumbaz, the mausoleum of Muhammad Adil Shah II, who ruled the Sultanate of Bijapur in the 17th century. Somehow, this postcard arrived to me without any stamps, but I don’t think it was sent in an envelope, because there are postmarks and a barcode printed on the card. Just, no stamps. Did they fall off in transit? Or were there never stamps on it and it got here anyway?