Today I have a little collection of cards my family has sent me through the years.


This card from the National Aquarium in Baltimore was sent to me by my sister Mandy, postmarked July 19, 1999! So almost 21 years ago. This postcard can soon have a legal drink. At that time, my sister was going to school in Baltimore, and my mom and I went to visit her around that time. I don’t really remember that visit, but she writes that we went swimming and had a good time.


Next is a card depicting the state capitol building in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, where I grew up. My dad sent me this card in January 2013, during my senior year of college. He doesn’t write much, but I have a suspicion that I had bought this card while I was visiting home for winter break, and asked him to send it back to me when I was in school, because the address is written in my handwriting, and I paired it with one of the Pennsylvania stamps from the USPS’s series of state stamps.


Finally, a card from Big Basin, California, which doesn’t have a date on it. My now-spouse brought this back for me from a trip he took in the summer of 2012. He writes that Big Basin has a lot of great trees, and many postcards of the trees, but chose this particular card because it was one of the few that didn’t use the font Papyrus.

Hope you are all staying as connected to your loved ones as you can in the current situation.