Today is Finland’s Independence Day, so I’m sharing some UNESCO sites from Finland that I received a while ago.


First is the Verla Board Mill, a factory founded in the 1870s. There was also a nearby ironworks. The mill produced high quality cardboard and the ironworks were used until 1964. The site became a UNESCO site in 1996.


Next is the seafortress of Suomenlinna, near the capital, Helsinki. Suomenlinna means “castle of Finland,” the fort is also known as Sveaborg in Swedish. The Swedish began building the fort in 1748 to protect against Russian forces, but Russian occupied Finland anyway in 1809.


Finally, the old wooden center of the city of Rauma, a coastal town north of Turku. Rauma is one of the oldest harbors in Finland, dating from at least 1441. It was made a UNESCO site in 1991 because the wooden houses are well-preserved examples of an old Nordic city.

These cards all came from Taru T. on the Postcrossing forum. Here are the stamps.


This stamp didn’t actually come on the cards. It came on another envelope from Finland, but I’m not sure who sent it or what cards were inside. They are some interesting ones, though, so I decided to share them now.


This is the Europa stamp from Finland for 2011.


This stamp from 2002 shows juniper berries.


And this stamp from 2006 came on the Suomenlinna card and depicts the fort.

Thanks, Taru T! And Happy Finnish Independence Day!