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Apparently, today is Reptile Awareness Day, dedicated to raising awareness of reptiles and their habitats and conservation efforts. To celebrate, I have a reptile postcard from Postcrossing forum member xJuul in the Netherlands:


The card shows many kinds of reptiles: frogs, snakes, toads, and salamanders. In English the names are: 1) sand lizard; 2) viviparous lizard; 3) green frog; 4) marsh frog; 5) natterjack toad; 6) tree frog; 7) pool frog: 8) brown frog; 9) moor frog; 10) common toad; 11) yellow-bellied toad; 12) fire salamander; 13) Alpine salamander; 14) fin-footed salamander; 15) newt; 16) great crested newt; 17) midwife toad; 18) slow-worm; 19) ring snake; 20) viper.

My favorite kind of reptile isn’t here though: turtles or tortoises.


And on the stamp, a fox, which is not a reptile.

As a bonus, here are two just-arrived postcards from Komodo Island National Park in Indonesia, home of the world’s largest lizards, the Komodo dragon:

UNESCO-komodo-2 UNESCO-komodo-3

Both of these cards came from Jennifer in Indonesia. Thanks, Jennifer!