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Today I have two Postcrossing official cards showing two different rivers:


This card shows the Pripyat River in southern Belarus, near the town of Luninets. The Pripyat River flows from Ukraine into Belarus, then through southern Belarus for about 500 km (300 miles), and then back into Ukraine before draining into the Dneiper River. The Pripyat River also flows through the Chernobyl exclusion zone and sediments in the river still contain a lot of radioactive material.


This card also comes through Postcrossing and shows the Cispus River in the state of Washington, only a few hours’ drive north of my home. However, the card was sent from Germany. The sender visited Washington in 1989, when I assume the card was bought. The card has had a long way back to the West Coast. The Cispus is close to Mount St. Helens and drains into the Cowlitz River, which in turn drains into the Columbia.

That’s all for today!