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Today I had a big exciting mailbox opening moment when I reached inside and pulled out this card:


This is FK-22, an official Postcrossing postcard from the only current Postcrosser in Falkland Islands. It is the lowest-numbered Postcrossing card I’ve received yet, and I doubt that I will get another lower one! When I looked at the Postcard ID, I thought that the sender had forgotten to finish writing it, but no, it is really that short! And, even better, it has some of my favorites, penguins. These are rockhopper penguins.


Like my only other Falkland Island postcard, sent by Glenn on one of his enviable adventures, the stamp features some penguins.

To celebrate, here are some more penguin and sea bird cards that I’ve received recently from private swaps.



Birds of the Cornish Coast, from Mallory in the United Kingdom, featuring the puffin, which looks like a penguin but is from the northern hemisphere.


Some emperor penguins having a groom, from lumileopardi in Finland.



And finally these adorable and small blue penguins from Aunty Seahorse in New Zealand

So, has anyone else received a low-numbered Postcrossing card?