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And now the third and final installment of my animal card stash clearing series. First we saw animals from Europe, then animals from Asia. Today it is time for animals from the Americas!


This card comes from Brazil as an official Postcrossing card. It says (roughly) “People faithful to their responsibility do not eat those with eyes.”


This card comes from Glenn in Canada, who included some stamps and a note about the 100th anniversary of the Calgary Stampede. Shown here is the horse and chuck wagon race. Here are the Calgary Stampede stamps:



This card shows some Florida manatees and comes from Cognac on the Postcrossing forum.


This card from the Saint Louis Zoo shows parent and child giraffes. It was sent by Julie via the Postcrossing forum.


Finally, this card is an official Postcrossing card from the United States. My favorite part of the card is the assortment of pretty stamps that the sender used:


The sender tried to get some of all of my favorites in the stamps: owls, elephants, cherry blossoms, and sheep!

That’s all for the stash clearing animal series!