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Happy Friday, everyone! Today we will have some Fun with Flags, with two national flag cards and one other flag:


First is the flag of Indonesia, from Postcrossing forum member shinta. The flag is called the Sang Merah-Putih, which means “the red and white.” It is based on a flag from the 13th century Majapahit Empire, but was officially adopted on August 17th, 1950, when Indonesia gained its independence from the Netherlands.


Next is the flag of Macedonia, from Postcrossing forum member animak. This flag was adopted in 1995 after a dispute with Greece over the use of the Vergina star on Macedonia’s old flag. Greece obtained an international copyright of the Vergina star after designating it an official Greek symbol. Greece then imposed an economic blockade on Macedonia until it changed its flag to the one seen here.


Finally, the flag of Cornwall, in England, another potentially contentious flag. The sender, Mallory, writes that many Cornish people fly the flag at their house or garden, but some people from other parts of the country can take offense. She doesn’t offer an explanation why, and I can’t offer my own, either. The flag is known as St. Piran’s flag, after St. Piran, a 6th century abbot who is the patron saint of Cornwall.

Here are the new stamps from the cards:


A Macedonian stamp from 1998.


And a set of three Indonesian stamps from 2014.