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Today I have three official Postcrossing cards, two from Belarus and one from Ukraine, showing some cuisine from those countries.


This first card comes from Belarus and shows many different dairy products, like cheese and cream, as well as some eggs. It was sent by a woman named Lera, who writes that she has been cooking a lot recently and trying out new recipes.


This next card is also from Belarus and shows a cold soup type dish, which I think is made with cucumbers and yoghurt. Google Translate was not helpful with the writing on the back of the card, my best guess is that it is called a ‘holodnichka.’


Finally, this sausage is from Ukraine. The sender writes that it is cooked in a special oven at high heat, and served with rye bread, garlic, and onion.

Here are the stamps from the cards, in reverse order of how the cards were presented.


BELARUS-intarsia BELARUS-939649en

The dairy card from Belarus came with its own decorative envelope.