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Today I have a new state map and a new National Parks Service card, both from South Carolina!


First, there is this South Carolina map from Erin on the Postcrossing forum. This is the first South Carolina map card I have received. It shows the different counties of the state, and some sand dollars. NM-fort-sumter

The second card shows Fort Sumter National Monument in Charlestown, South Carolina. This card comes from darkestperu, also on the Postcrossing forum. On April 12, 1861, the opening battle of the American civil war was fought here. The battle ended with the occupation of the Fort by the Confederates, who held the Fort until February 1865. South Carolina had been the first state to secede from the United States a few months prior to the battle.

Darkestperu used one of the 33¢ apple postcard stamps from 2013. Erin used a more unusual stamp, depicting Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill endorsing the Atlantic Charter. The stamp was released just 20 days before my birthdate, in 1991.