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I’ve been doing a very long (over a year now) swap with Georgy in India, who has been sending me some awesome views of India. Almost every card from India featured on the blog has come from him. And today I have seven more cards, showing many different scenes from life around India:


A cow and some movie posters.


A rickshaw and some street merchants.


A man selling coconuts.


There was no explanation for this card from either Georgy or the card publisher. It says only “Amazing India.”


These are tea leaf pickers.


These artistic designs are called kolam, they are made out of rice or other kinds of flour, or finely powdered stone or chalk. They are thought to bring prosperity to the home where they are drawn.


And finally, an elephant getting a bath. This picture was taken in Tamil Nadu. Georgy writes that there are elephant-bathing places in Kerala, his home state, because the elephants are often decorated for festivals and need to be washed afterward.

Georgy used many more unique and intriguing stamps (there are so many I had to make a slideshow):

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