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Another entry in my summer travel-log: Fort Vancouver, in Vancouver, Washington state. Fort Vancouver is a National Historic Site, part of the National Parks System. Fort Vancouver was a trading post in the 19th century and the headquarters of the Hudson Bay Company’s operation in the Pacific Northwest. It served as a supply point for many of the settlers of the Oregon territory.

It is only about 20 minutes north of Portland, an easy drive on the highway. I don’t know why I didn’t visit before.

NP-fort-vancouver2 NP-fort-vancouver3 NP-fort-vancouver4

I had a nice afternoon break going to the fort to buy these cards. Then I sat outside in the sun and wrote the cards while watching planes come in for a landing at the nearby Portland International Airport.

I also got these Passport to Your National Parks stamps on the cards:


There are three, plus the pictorial stamp. The three stamps are from the Fort Vancouver Site, the Lewis and Clark Historical Trail, and the Oregon Historical Trail, both of which pass through the area.

I used these stamps:

USA-swans USA-kestrel

The apple stamps were particularly relevant to the cards. The first apples cultivated in the Pacific Northwest were planted at the fort in 1826, as represented on the second card.

Stay tuned for more travel adventures with me this summer.