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Today I have two views of Death Valley National Park, in California, USA. The first comes from Postcrossing forum member Tigerin81:


This card shows the rock formation called the “Artist’s Palette” which is very colorful. The colors of the rock are caused by various metals and minerals that can be found there.

NP-death-valleyThis second card shows the Death Valley “sailing stones,” stones that move across the dry lakebed of Racetrack Playa, leaving trails that can be several hundred feet long. No one is sure why the rocks move, but it seems to be a combination soil conditions that reduce friction and very strong winds that push the rocks across the ground.

This second card was sent by a Postcrossing user in Germany. The sender included this stamp of Ludwig Leichhardt, a 19th century Prussian explorer and naturalist.

Ludwig Leichhardt stampMany thanks to Tigerin81 and the German Postcrosser!