I have done a terrible job of keeping up with my New Year’s resolution to post more. But now my finals are over (and my first year of law school, too!) and I am on a break for the summer. I should have more time now to keep up with the blog and bring you more postcards to share. Today I have three postcards from Georgy in India, all with the fantastic stamps that he collects:

Jain statue

This is a picture of the statue of Lord Bahubali in Shravanbelagola, India. This statue is one of the largest monolithic statues in the world, carved from a single piece of granite. It is 17 meters (55 feet) high and is visible from 30 kilometers away. The statue is located at a Jain temple and is an important pilgrimage destination for members of the Jain religion. The temple and statue are proposed UNESCO sites, but they haven’t been added to the list (yet).

UNESCO virupaksha temple

This next card shows the Virupaksha Temple, which is a UNESCO site in the Indian state of Karnataka. It is part of the Group of Monuments at Hampi site. The temple is dedicated to Virupaksha, a form of the Hindu god Shiva. There has been a shrine at this site since the 7th century, but the temple was mostly built in the 14th century and then renovated and expanded in the 19th century.

UNESCO Mahabalipuram

And finally, my second Indian UNESCO postcard, this card shows the stone relief “Arjuna’s penance” or “Descent of the Ganges,” located at the Mahabalipuram UNESCO site in Tamil Nadu. The town of Mahabalipuram is an ancient seaport on the Bay of Bengal. The UNESCO site includes not only this stone relief, but also other temples and cave sanctuaries carved out of the solid granite surrounding the town.

And here are the stamps:

INDIA gibbon

INDIA gliding frog

INDIA science congress