I have a lot of German UNESCO postcards to share, some are new sites for me, and some are just new views of sites that are already represented in my collection:

UNESCO bamberg

First is the historic town of Bamberg, which was listed on the UNESCO list in 1993. Bamberg is a city in Bavaria, on the River Regnitz, and was founded over 1000 years ago. The bottom picture on this card shows Little Venice, a colony of fishermen’s houses along the river. This card comes from Steffi through the Postcrossing forum.

The next two cards come from Yvonne, also through the Postcrossing forum, and they both show different parts of the Trier UNESCO site:

UNESCO trier our lady

This is the Church of Our Lady in Trier.

UNESCO trier porta nigra

And this is the Roman Porta Nigra.

This card came from a Postcrossing user and shows the tidal flats and wetlands of the Wadden Sea, aka, Wattenmeer. This area has very diverse plants and animals, which you can see along the bottom of the card.

UNESCO wattenmeer2

This card came a while ago from Michele:

UNESCO bremen

This is the statue of Roland in the city of Bremen. The statue was built in 1404 and stands in the market square. Roland was a paladin of Charlemagne and was the hero of the Battle of Ronceveaux Pass. His exploits are immortalized in the 11th century poem Chanson de Roland, which I had to read in high school French class. According to legend, the city of Bremen will always be free and independent as long as the statute stands.

This last card is from Karen and shows the palace at Potsdam, Schloss Sanssouci:

UNESCO sansoucci

This palace was built in the 1740s to be a summer palace for Frederick the Great. It is built in the Rococo style.

There was a new German stamp on one of the cards. The stamp is from 2012 and raises awareness of world hunger:

GERMANY world hunger