Tonight I have two cards from Georgy in Kerala, India. He has some of the most delightful cards of India, and he always uses new and interesting stamps, too:

Hindu bull

This is a bull, sacred to the Hindu faith. This bull has been elaborately decorated.

Amur tiger

And this is an Indian (Bengal) tiger. There is a wildlife sanctuary near Georgy that has these tigers. These tigers are endangered species, with only a few thousand left in India. The tiger is India’s national animal.

Here are the stamps Georgy used:

INDIA armed forces

A stamp from 2012, showing the Armed Forces Medical College.

INDIA consumer protection

A 2012 stamp commemorating the 1986 Consumer Protection Act.

INDIA uttar pradesh legisla

A 2013 stamp of the legislature building in Uttar Pradesh.

INDIA mumbai PO

And this 2013 stamp of the Mumbai General Post Office.

Thanks, Georgy!