Froggy12 from the Postcrossing forum sent me two cards of Berlin’s Museuminsel, or Museum Island.

UNESCO berlin museum1

UNESCO berlin museum2

The northern half of this island in the Spree River is home to five museums and has been on the UNESCO list since 1999. The top card shows the Berlin Cathedral. The oldest museum on the island is the “Old Museum” or Altes Museum, built in 1830. The newest museum is the Pergamon Museum, completed in 1930.

On the bottom card, in addition to the museums, you can also see the Fernsehturm, or TV tower, the tallest structure in Germany. It is the 4th tallest structure in Europe.

Froggy12 used some great stamps of German buildings:

GERMANY berlin square2

On the left is the Brandenburg Gate and the right shows the Gendarmenmarkt, a historic square in Berlin.

GERMANY berlin square

This stamp shows another view of the Gendarmenmarkt.

I have never been to Berlin, but I really like the architecture there!