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I am a big fan of ancient Egyptian culture, and I’m always looking for new postcards with ancient Egyptian artifacts and buildings. I received two new cards this summer with different Egyptian objects:


This card shows part of the sarcophagus of Ramses II. The card comes from Aleeta in Germany.

The second card is from a US Postcrosser:

US 2290836

This card shows gilded wooden figurines from Tutankhamun’s tomb. The Postcrosser also used a nice stamp from a new series of floral stamps:

USA primrose

I also bought some Egyptian postcards this summer when I went to an exhibit on mummies:


Egyptian cat

They had mummies of all kinds from all over the world. The first card shows an Egyptian sarcophagus, and the second card shows a mummified cat. The ancient Egyptians mummified lots of animals because the animals were sacred to them. The mummified animals were sold to worshippers for use in religious ceremonies. I learned at the exhibit that apparently, sometimes the demand for mummified animals was much greater than the supply, and the mummy peddlers would sell fake mummies that were really only the bandages, without an animal inside.