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Hello, readers. You may have noticed how I haven’t been around the blog in, well, months. I took a long break from blogging and from postcard trading because I was too busy preparing for and starting my first year of law school. Now, I am not really any less busy, but I enjoy sharing new cards and it is important that I do something other than work all the time!

Today I have some cards from my summer adventures to share with you. I didn’t go to too many places, but I did make sure to get nice cards to send back to myself:

Multnomah falls

Multnomah rose

Multnomah train

At the end of May I went to Multnomah Falls with my mom, dad, and sister, who were all visiting for my graduation. Multnomah Falls is about an hour’s drive away from where I live. It’s in the Columbia River Gorge, which is very beautiful. I bought these three postcards that look like vintage travel posters. I really like this style of card and I’d like to get more of them from other places.

In June, I went to Seattle, Washington with my boyfriend and our dog. We sent back these two cards:

Puget sound map

Seattle library

The first card is an aerial view/map of Puget Sound, which is where Seattle is. The view is looking from northwest of Seattle, toward the southeast. I bought this card at an awesome map store in downtown Seattle, near Pike Place Market, the home of Starbucks Coffee. If you like maps of all kinds, and are ever in Seattle, the store was called Metsker Maps. They had a lot of great maps!

The second card is a picture of the Seattle Public Library. Their library is very interesting inside. It is very open on the first few floors, where there is a coffee shop, auditorium, and the circulation desks. The top floors, where the books are, are arranged in a spiral and the floor slopes slightly. So as you walk around, you’re also walking up! When you get to the top, there is a balcony where you can look over and see all the way down to the ground floor (many, many stories below). I could only look for a little bit before I got dizzy. It’s a long way down.

When we were in Seattle, we stayed with one of my boyfriend’s friends, who was kind enough to let me permanently borrow the stamps that I used to send the cards:

USA typewriter

USA camera

They are from a very cool series of stamps called Pioneers of American Industrial Design released in 2011.

So, what did you do with your summer?