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Today I have many views of elephants in India and also an elephant on my first card from Thailand!

The cards from India come from Georgy, who has been sending me many beautiful cards and stamps.

India elephants wild

India elephants working

Some of the elephants in Georgy’s home state of Kerala are trained to do work for the people. Elephants are considered sacred and carry deities for temple festivals.

India elephants ceremony

Here are some elephants who are elaborately decorated for such a temple parade.

Elephant pack

And the last of the Indian elephants: these elephants are in the Periyar wildlife sanctuary.

Georgy collects stamps and always puts many new and interesting stamps on the cards he sends:

INDIA jhulelal sahib

INDIA olypmic rowing

INDIA lighthouse2

INDIA special forces

INDIA silk letter

INDIA officers training

And the first card from Thailand!

Elephant thailand

THAILAND ko khai

This card comes from Tam in Thailand. Elephants are the national animal in Thailand. Which elephant card is your favorite?