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Yesterday I shared a moose from Norway. Today I have a moose card sent from Morocco! I’ve written before about my “orphan postcard” project, where people “adopt” an unwritten card that I already have. I send it to them in an envelope, the adopter writes their own message and puts on stamps and sends it back.

Eve in Morocco adopted this moose postcard that I got on a trip to upstate New York many years ago.


She writes that she once saw a moose during a railway trip in Sweden. Eve was surprised to see how big the moose was. They are very large — and fast!

This was the first card I had received from Morocco, so it was extra special. And there are new stamps to share:

MOROCCO royals

During the same trip when I bought the moose postcard, I bought this raccoon card. Michelle in New Mexico adopted the raccoon card around the same time that Eve adopted the moose:


Michelle writes that she didn’t know until she read the description on this card that raccoons improve their sense of touch by wetting their paws. I didn’t know that either!

Thanks to Michelle and Eve for adopting these cards!