After a too-long hiatus, I am back with plenty of postcards to share. I have graduated college and have nothing to do until I start law school in about a month. Since graduating, I have adopted a little dog named Colin, so today’s post will feature a card with a dog:

Sled dog maxi

This maxicard comes from Dahlia in Australia. It shows a husky dog in the Australian Antarctic Territory. The card is from a series of cards and stamps featuring the Antarctic Territory. The husky dogs are good at pulling sleds over ice and snow. They have thick double-coats to keep them warm and can pull sleds very quickly.

My dog Colin is not a husky, he is a miniature poodle, but if you put food in front of him he would probably pull a sled very, very well. He also alerts us to all kinds of threats: passing dogs, birds, and light breezes.