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Here are four scenes from the Netherlands, sent to me by three different Dutch Postcrossing forum members.

First is this card of buildings in the Hague, from Pieta:

Haag multiview

The Hague is the capital of the South Holland province and is the seat of Dutch government. The buildings shown on this card are (clockwise from top left) the Peace Palace, Kurhaus, the Museon (a science museum), and the Parliament buildings.

Pieta also sent this card showing many Dutch lighthouses:

Netherlands ligthhouses

I’m not going to list all the lighthouses here, but they are all listed on the back of the card, which left very little space for Pieta to write a message.

Next is this card of Amsterdam’s famous canals, which are listed on the UNESCO World Heritage list:

UNESCO amsterdam canal

This card comes from Eleonora. The canals in Amsterdam were dug in the 17th century and form concentric rings around the city. They provide an easy way for goods and people to move about the city.

UNESCO kinderdijk2

The last card shows the Kinderdijk windmills, which I’ve written about before. This card was sent by Peggy.

The Netherlands has lots of great stamps, and many of them arrived on these cards:





I like the stamp with a cow on it, because I like cows.