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Here are four cards showing animals that I have recently received through Postcrossing. As a bonus, there are animals on the stamps, too!

First, there is this card from Russia, which shows the seals at Lake Baikal:

RU 1486479

These seals are only found around the lake and nowhere else in the world.

CN 801994

This card comes from China and shows a really cute cat. The sender also drew a little winking Moomin on the back:

CN 901994drawing

The next two cards are from Taiwan.

TW 784683

These cute rabbit noses came with a newly released stamp that is not cute at all:

TAIWAN anglerfish

This is an anglerfish, part of a series of fish stamps.

TW 760443

This card showing sheep comes from user hairpinmeg, who has an online museum of her antique hairpins. Some of them are very beautiful and unusual.

The stamps show some flowers and a cute Labrador retriever:

TAIWAN lab and flowers