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I’ve inexplicably been receiving a lot of official Postcrossing postcards from Germany, and sending a lot of cards to Russia. I can only assume that the number of German and Russian Postcrossers recently increased. I’ve been getting some neat cards, so I will share them here:

DE 1753867

DE-1753867 from Darmstadt.

DE 1941187

This one shows the Trooping of the Colour in London, celebrating the official birthday of Queen Elizabeth II.

DE 1805303

An very nice old steam train, which the sender writes is a typical train of Germany in the 1930s.

DE 1923414

And finally, this card which shows ingots of silver. I think it is meant to advertise Degussa, which is a gold and silver company. If you ever need bars of gold and silver in Germany, I guess they’re the place to go?

Since receiving so many cards from Germany, I’m surprised (but happy) I didn’t get one of Cologne Cathedral. I have received a lot of cards of that cathedral!