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Today I had the happiest surprise on my walk across campus- the cherry trees have blossomed! I have been saving sharing this received card until I saw the trees burst into bloom:

JP 351782

This card comes via Postcrossing from Andrey in Tokyo. It shows the famous sakura blossoms in Tokyo, Japan. Spring is the time for the delicate pink blossoms to cover the trees and announce the true arrival of spring. I know that cherry trees will be blooming all over the world this time of year: in Tokyo, in Washington DC, here on campus, and probably even the weeping cherry tree that I planted in my parents’ backyard many years ago is alive with pink and white flowers.

Though spring has sprung, it’s still chilly here in Oregon, so to warm up, you could pretend to cuddle with the teddy bear on this card’s stamp:

JAPAN bear

What’s your favorite part of spring? Do you like to see the cherry trees blossom, or the daffodils poke up from the ground, or maybe hear the birds return to sing?