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In addition to collection certain types of cards, like UNESCO cards or owl cards, I also like to collect certain series of cards, like the Fauna of Belarus. Or I can combine the two, like with this series of Czech UNESCO cards!

UNESCO olomouc

UNESCO zdar nad sazavou

Both cards come from Jana in Pilsen. The first card shows the Holy Trinity Column in Olomouc. It was erected in the 18th century during a revitalization of the town after the Thirty Year’s War. It is 35 meters high and covered in intricate religious sculptures.

The second card shows the Pilgrimage Church of St John of Nepomuk. It was also constructed in the 18th century. The church is dedicated to St. John of Nepomuk, patron saint of the Czech Republic. He lived in the 14th century. He died by drowning, and therefore became a saint associated with protection from floods. The church is remarkable for its architecture, particularly its incorporation of the number 5.

Jana used a fanciful stamp depicting doves delivering letters around the world:



That’s all for today!