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My Mom sent me this card from the “Benjamin Franklin Stamp Club.” It shows a specially cancelled stamp from 1984:

Franklin stamp club

The stamp shows the White House and its architect, James Hoban. It looks like the cancel shows the Pennsylvania capitol dome with a background of the outline of the state of Pennsylvania. I am not sure what that has to do with the White House, since the White House is not in Pennsylvania, although Hoban was a resident of Philadelphia for a while.

My Mom found this card while cleaning out the attic. A quick search online reveals that the Benjamin Franklin Stamp Club was a program by the US Postal Service to encourage young people to become involved in stamp collecting. The Clubs were formed and met through elementary schools. Given the age of this card, I would guess that it was my sister who was part of the club, as I would not be born for another 7 years after this postmark.