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Sandra in South Africa has sent me my first UNESCO cards from that country, or in fact, the whole continent of Africa. They depict Robben Island:

UNESCO robben island 2

UNESCO robben island

Robben Island is 6.9 kilometers west of Cape Town and has served as a prison since the 17th century. Many of South Africa’s presidents served time here during apartheid, including Nelson Mandela, Kgalema Motlanthe, and the current president, Jacob Zuma. The island housed mostly political prisoners, but was also a quarantine station for animals and a leper colony. The lighthouse was installed in 1864 on the highest point on the island; the area was a peril to ships in the area before the lighthouse.

Sandra delighted me with some beautiful stamps:

SOUTH AFRICA robben island

SOUTH AFRICA beadwork2

I like this series of stamps showing artistic beadwork.

Thanks, Sandra!