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I received two cards from Kiev, Ukraine, showing similar but not the same churches:

Kiev cathedral

This card comes from lazy_rabbit. It shows the Architectural ensemble of Mykhailivskyy, which according to the card was rebuilt in 1999 after originally being built in the 12th century.

The next card was an official Postcrossing card from a student named Oksana:

UNESCO saint sophia kievThis is Saint Sophia’s Cathedral, which has been on the UNESCO list since 1990. Work started on the cathedral in the 11th century. The cathedral is named after the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, not after a particular saint named Sophia. The cathedral was the burial place for the Kievan rulers.

Oksana used very nice stamps on this card:

UKRAINE triangular

I like the triangular one best of all, because I like non-rectilinear stamps.