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Foxes are another animal that I love to see on postcards. Two foxes come to me from two German users on the Postcrossing forum.

Red fox blue sky

First is the rotfuchs, or red fox, from Svea. Red foxes are the largest of the foxes and are widespread in the Northern Hemisphere.

Arctic fox panorama

The other fox is this Polarfuchs, or arctic fox, from Steffi. Arctic foxes are much smaller and have much more fur and fat to keep them warm. The arctic fox is also numerous, but not as widespread as the red fox, since it only lives in polar regions. The red fox has been imposing on the arctic foxes’ domain as the climate gets warmer and polar regions get smaller.

The stamps on both cards were new to me:

GERMANY binoculars

GERMANY steam train

That’s all for now!