It’s time for another Moomin Monday. I feel less silly collecting Moomins now as I have actually checked out some Moomin books from the library and read them. So they are not just cute creatures anymore.

Paivi sent three fantastic Moomin cards to me. I love them all so much:

Christmas Moomin

This Christmas Moomin card says “Christmas fun!”

Waking Moomin

The sleepy Moomin card says “Singing and apples and the freedom to sleep long in the mornings- that’s something!” I agree completely. I love all those things.

Typing Moomin

And the last card from Paivi shows Moominpapa typing in a very odd spot!

I also received a different kind of Moomin card from a Postcrosser in Finland:

FI 1602269

This one shows the Moomin house on a dark and stormy night. This is a new one for my Moomin collection, as it does not really feature any of the Moomins!

The sender used a pretty stamp showing some nature in Finland:

FINLAND bottenhavets

This is Bottenhavets National Park, in southern Finland. It looks lovely!