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Elephants are one of my favorite animals, and so I naturally collect elephant postcards. Official Postcrossing cards and private swaps have recently provided me with a glut of elephant cards to share with you:

Elephant babies

This card shows some Asian elephant babies at the Noorderdierenpark in the Netherlands. It comes from Eleonora. I love the baby elephants with their fuzzy heads and small trunks! Sometimes, baby elephants trip on their trunks. Oops!

NI elephant

This next card comes from Sanne in Belgium, and shows a baby African elephant. This is a Nouvelles Images card. Part of the price of this card (5%) is donated to environmental education programs. Sanne used a new stamp of King Albert of Belgium:

BELGIUM king albert

The next two cards are from the official Postcrossing site:

US 2084622

This one comes from the United States. It looks like an Indian elephant with a map of India in the background. My boyfriend mentioned that this is a very bad map. I agree, but only because there is an elephant in the way.

FI 1668674

And last is this fantastical elephant from Finland, which comes with a matching stamp:

FINLAND elephant

I like the stamp with its cute baby elephant. Which elephant is your favorite?