I can add a whole new country to my list. I received my first three cards from the Bahamas this week, from Niki. She sent a map for my map collection, a flag, and a flamingo.

Bahama map

The Bahamas consist of more than 3,000 islands southeast of Florida and north of Cuba. They were a colony of Britain between 1718 and 1973.

Bahama flag

This is the flag of the Bahamas. The black triangle represents the unity of the Bahamian people. The three stripes represent the natural world of the Bahamas. The two turquoise stripes on the top and bottom represent the sea, the middle gold stripe, the land.

Bahama flamingo

Finally there is this card of the Caribbean or American flamingo. This is the only flamingo native to North America.

The flamingoes are on the stamps, too:

BAHAMAS flamingo

The other stamp shows the desert rose, or Adenium obesum.

BAHAMAS boxing

These stamps show the Christmas tree worm, which is a worm that lives underwater. The things that look like Christmas trees are actually what it uses to breathe. The other stamp commemorates the 2012 Olympics. This one looks like it shows boxing.

BAHAMAS barleria

The first stamp here shows the barleria, a flowering shrub. The other stamp is from a series issued in 2012 to commemorate Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee. It shows Prince Harry on his visit to the Bahamas as part of the Jubilee celebrations in March 2012. There are three other stamps in this issue, two more showing Prince Harry during other parts of his trip, and one showing the Queen.

I am very happy to add another country to my received countries list. Thanks, Niki!