I don’t often get square postcards, but all the ones I’ve received have been from the Netherlands for some reason! I recently received two square cards from different Postcrossers in the Netherlands. First I received this card showing the traditional Delftware and clogs, both symbols of Holland:

Delft shoes

I really like the Delftware patterns on pottery and china. The sender used a nice fern stamp and a semi-postal stamp that I think has to do with mathematics:


The second card shows a bright red flower:

NL 1567393

The sender of this card writes about her many pets, including some pet rats! I liked this detail as I also have two pet rats that I rescued from a laboratory. I had many cards in my mailbox the day that this card came. When I got them, my whole mail pile smelled strongly of floral perfume. I eventually decided that the source of the smell was this card. It not only has a flower to look at, but one to smell, too.

I like these square cards, but they are presenting a challenge to my new postcard organization/storage system. I’m arranging all of my postcards in plastic sleeves, but since these are oddly shaped they are harder to find space for. I’m still glad they’re in my collection, though.