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I had three orphaned postcards returned to me. If you’re not familiar with orphaned postcards, you can read about the idea here. The first card was adopted by Bonnie in Idaho:


Bonnie chose to adopt this card to represent her Irish ancestry. I, too, have some Irish ancestry and hope to visit the country one day. Thanks for adopting this card Bonnie!

The next two cards were adopted by Jocelyn in South Africa. Jocelyn runs the stamp and mail blog called Cuckootree.


Joceylyn adopted this Pikachu card because Pikachu was her favorite Pokemon when she liked Pokemon. Pikachu is certainly a popular one. I also loved Eevee. They’re both cute!

Finally, Jocelyn adopted this great elephant card:


I love elephants and I’m so happy to get this card back. And the cards came back with a plethora of wonderful stamps:

SOUTHAFRICA small letter


Thanks so much to Jocelyn and Bonnie for adding their love and attention to these postcards!