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This week I got lots of great things in the mail. I got two fantastic cards from Postcrossing, two of my favorites so far, and I got an acceptance letter to my first-choice law school! All on the same day! It was a Very Good Day.

First, I want to show you this adorable Asian elephant postcard from the Netherlands:

NL 1615501

This is Bangka and her daughter Faya, two elephants in the Rotterdam Zoo. Faya looks so little, but even a baby elephant weighs over 100 kilograms- more than most people! This pair of elephants reminds me of the new pair of elephants we have at the Oregon Zoo here in Portland. Rose-Tu gave birth to a baby named Lily last November. I haven’t been to see them yet but I plan to make a trip soon!

The stamp used on this card is great, too:


This stamp shows Princess Ariane of the Netherlands. I hope it isn’t disrespectful to say that the princess is very cute!

The second fantastic Postcrossing card is my first card from Korea!

KR 54874

This card shows a cartoon of a traditional Korean wedding. The stamp shows a neat shell and the Korean flag:

KOREA flag shell

This has been a great week for mail. Have you received any great mail lately? Please share!