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Today I have three snowy, wintery cards. First I have this card of Lapland from krookus in Finland:

Lapland reindeer

This card shows a reindeer. Reindeer are herded exclusively by the Sami people who live in the far north regions of Finland, Norway, Sweden, and some parts of Russia. Winter in Finland is certainly more intense than in Portland. Krookus writes that it was -16 degrees Celsius and a little snow.

The stamp shows a lantern in the snow- a light in the long, dark winter:

FINLAND lantern

At the other end of the earth, there is this penguin, which was sent by fish on the cloud in China:

Small penguin

It’s now summer where the penguins are, but penguins seem so wintery to me. I wrapped all my Christmas presents in penguin wrapping paper this year.

Lastly I have this winter poem from New England, sent by Leslie E:

Cape cod

The Cape Cod style house shown here was designed specifically to withstand the extreme winters of New England. The low ceilings inside kept the rooms warm while the steep roof kept the plentiful snow from piling on top of the house. I used to live in a Cape Cod style house and they are in fact quite cozy. I hope all my readers are withstanding winter well!