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I’ve been receiving a lot of postcards from Australia recently, especially through Postcrossing. I can’t complain, since there are many interesting things there to see!

I have three new Australian UNESCO sites to add to my collection:

UNESCO-riversleigh-fossilsThe first card comes from Artefaque via the official Postcrossing site. It shows a rarer UNESCO site, the Riversleigh Fossil Fields, which is one of the Australian Fossil Mammal sites. It is a rich source of archeological information about the evolution of mammals in Australia. Artefaque also used from wonderful stamps from the 2000 Olympics:
AUSTRALIA-olympicsThe next card comes from SL Liew in Malaysia, but shows the Shark Bay UNESCO site. The card shows the stromatolites that the site is famous for. The stromatolites are formed by microogranisms like blue-green algae. Stromatolites are some of the oldest preserved evidence of life on Earth, dating back more than 3.5 billion years.
UNESCO-shark-bayFinally, there is this card of the Tasmanian Wilderness from Kathryn in Tasmania, who also sent the echidna card I featured on Monday. The Tasmanian Wilderness covers about 20% of the island of Tasmania. It is one of the largest expanses of temperature wilderness in the world.


That’s all for the UNESCO from Australia, but come back soon for more UNESCO sites from around the world.