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I have three new cards for my state map collection and one more for my Canadian province collection!

DCmapThis map shows the museums and memorials on the National Mall in downtown Washington, DC. On this map you can see the Washington Monument, the tallest structure in the city; the White House, where the president lives; and the capitol building on the far right. This map comes from Robin in North Carolina.

MO-mpaMissouri is the 24th state admitted to the United States. It is also the home of Independence, the town where many pioneers started their journey on the Oregon Trail. This map is from Julie in Missouri.
NHmapNew Hampshire was the first state to break away from Great Britain, and the 9th to ratify the United States’ new constitution. It is a very small state: the 5th smallest of our states. On this map you can see Mt. Washington, which is known for its extremely high winds and dangerous, erratic weather. Nikki from Manchester, New Hampshire sent this card.
ONmapFinally, there is my second Canadian province map, which comes from Susanne near Toronto. Ontario is where Canada’s capital, Ottowa, is and where also the most populous city, Toronto, is. The tall structure near Toronto on this map is the CN Tower, which was the tallest building in the world between 1976 and 2007. It is still the tallest structure in the Western hemisphere.

My map collection is going very well. You can see which ones I’m still missing on my “State and Province map cards” page.