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Sometimes I get behind in posting cards. It’s not because I don’t appreciate them and enjoy having them in my collection, but I do sometimes think it hard to find something to write about them. So perhaps I just won’t say much about these cards. They’re both from Postcrossing users.

This first one came all the way back in April:


It comes from Jimmy in China and shows a stylized view of Pinjiang Road in Suzhou.

Then in August I received this Jetoy cat card from Ling in Taiwan:


Ling used her card to tell me about the fruits in Taiwan. Apparently guava is a popular fruit when dieting. I do not think I have ever had a guava. Here in the United States, grapefruit is a typical diet fruit, although if Americans ate more fruit in general, we might not need to diet so much.

Ling used some stamps that are new to me; one shows a dog and the other a beetle: