So today is Veteran’s Day in the US, or Armistice Day or Remembrance Day in a lot of the rest of the world. The reason for the holiday is the same whatever it’s called; it commemorates the end of hostilities in the first World War and honors all those who have served in war. I searched through my postcard collection and didn’t find anything that directly relates to war or to World War I in particular, but I did find this official Postcrossing card that I received recently, which shows many different national flags:


This card comes from Germany, but shows the flags of many nations, including the United Nations flag up at the top. Perhaps it can be a symbol of many nations coming together and setting aside war for a time.



The stamp used celebrates a different kind of holiday, the summer holiday, but it is from 2012’s Europe stamp series. The Europa stamps also symbolize a coming together of nations for a common goal. Though the goal of issuing themed stamps may seem kind of silly in comparison to ending war, certainly facilitating communication among countries through letters and the post contributes to peace among nations.

Are you commemorating Remembrance Day in a postal way? I know a lot of programs for sending letters and packages to soldiers overseas in honor of Veterans’ Day. I hope everyone can send some peace in an envelope this year.