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The card shows Cafe du Monde, a famous coffee shop in the French Quarter. Our hotel was dangerously within walking distance of the cafe, which is open 24 hours a day, and their delicious (but not really nutritious) beignets (the powdered-sugar-covered doughnuts you can see in the bottom left). We were only there for 4 1/2 days, but went to the cafe 3 times. New Orleans certainly has great food, although I got a bit sick of how much butter is in everything. I was very happy to come back home and find some fresh fruit!

I tried to match the stamps to the cards I sent from New Orleans, so it was fortuitous that I had a set of blues and jazz singers stamps, issued in 1994. The one I used on this card shows singer Bessie Smith:

Although Bessie Smith is not directly related to New Orleans, New Orleans is well known for its music scene, especially jazz and blues music. There are many street performers that we saw in the French Quarter playing delightful and lively jazz music.

On another note, this is deltiolog’s 300th post! So hooray for that. Also, I bought lots of Louisiana map cards and other New Orleans post cards and would love to trade them, so send me a message if you’d be interested.