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I have two Russian UNESCO sites to share today, which are related only in that they both show mountains and they are both UNESCO sites. They are from opposite sides of the country though, and were mailed by two different people!

First, there is the Belukha Mount, the highest mountain in the Golden Mountains of Altai:

UNESCO belukha

This card shows the Karaturek Pass. It was sent by Vicky (Snelly). This mountain range lies on the border between Russia and Kazakhstan. These are the stamps Vicky used:

RUSSIA tiger and marine

The lighthouse, submarine, and ship are very nice, but aren’t related to the card very much. The top left stamp, though, shows an endangered snow leopard, Uncia uncia, which is native to the Altai mountain region. The mountains were inscribed on the list partly because they are a haven to many kinds of endangered mammals including these leopards.

Now, we will travel to the far eastern end of Russia to the peninsula of Kamchatka:

UNESCO kamchatka

This card from Sasha (lubit_london) shows the tallest of the Kamchatka volcanoes, Klyuchevskaya, erupting in 1994. This volcano is 4,750 m or 15,584 ft high and erupts regularly. It last erupted in 2011. Climbing the mountain is very difficult and not often done because of its frequent volcanic activity.

Sasha also used a mix of stamps that relate to the card or are just plain interesting:

RUSSIA europa post

The top stamp shows “acid crater Lake Trinity,” and the little inset map indicates that it is on the Kamchatka peninsula. I would probably be able to tell you more about it if I could read any Russian. The bottom left stamp commemorates the Volgograd Oblast and the bottom right stamp is a Europa stamp from 2008 celebrating the postal service.

Thanks so much to Sasha and Vicky for two more Russian UNESCO sites!