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I have three more sites to round out the showcase of French UNESCO sites today. They are the Abbey of la Madaleine in Vezelay, the Place Stanislas in Nancy, and Lyon Cathedral in Lyon.

First, the Abbey in Vezelay, which comes from Veronique:

UNESCO vezelay

The Abbey was built in the 11th century. It was expanded several times in the Middle Ages to accommodate all the pilgrims who came here to see the supposed relics of Mary Magdalene. The flying buttresses that you can see in the lower left photograph were added during restorations between 1840 and 1861, when the abbey was in danger of collapse. The Abbey has been on the UNESCO list since 1979.

Next on the list is the Place Stanislas in Nancy, sent by Marie:

UNESCO nancy

The top left picture shows the Hotel de Ville, or city hall, the largest building on the square. I believe the bottom left picture shows the Palais du Gouverneur and the right-side picture shows the triumphal arch in the south of the square. The square was designed to integrate the old medieval part of the town with the new part of the town built in the 17th century. The square was named after Stanislas Leszczynski of Poland, who was Louis XV’s father-in-law and Duke of Lorraine. The statue in the center is a statue of Stanislas.

Finally, there is the cathedral in Lyon, sent by a young Postcrosser:

UNESCO lyon cathedral

This is the Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist, one of many buildings that make up the Historic Site of Lyon. The Cathedral was built between 1160 and 1481. Lyon was added to the World Heritage list in 1998.

That sums up my French UNESCO sites for now, although I still have many more to collect!