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Another day, another UNESCO site from France. Today I have the Cathedral of Notre Dame de Reims, located in the Champagne region of France. It has been a UNESCO site since 1991.

UNESCO reims

This cathedral is very important as the site of the coronation of French kings from 1364 until 1825, when the last king of France was coronated. The coronation ceremony was quite elaborate and incorporated many symbols and relics sacred to Catholicism. The coronation ceremony legitimized the king’s reign and showed that his power came from divine right. Two other nearby buildings central to the coronation ceremony are also inscribed in this UNESCO listing. The Palace of Tau was the residence of kings before their coronation, where they prepared the day of the ceremony and where a celebratory banquet was held afterward. The Abbey of St Remi housed the relics that were central to the coronation ceremony.

The Cathedral celebrated its 800th anniversary last year.

Thanks for Veronique for another lovely UNESCO card.