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The UNESCO listing for the Belfries of Belgium and France includes 56 historical buildings spread through Belgium and Northern France. Obviously, this is a lot of buildings, and I only have a postcard showing four of these belfries, but it is a start. Many of the belfries on the list were civic belfries or those attached to city halls, but some are religious belfries that also served as watchtowers and alarm bell towers.

Veronique sent this card showing four belfries from her region of Nord-Pas-de-Calais:

UNESCO belfries

The far right picture shows the belfry of the city hall in Calais. The far left picture shows the belfry of Dunkirk’s city hall . The bottom middle picture shows the belfry of Douai’s city hall. The top middle picture is another of Dunkirk’s belfries, that of the St. Eligius Church.

Veronique used a stamp showing another belfry, though I don’t think this is one of the UNESCO belfries:

FRANCE arles

This stamp commemorates the via Tolosana, which becomes the Arles Way in France, which is one of many, many parts of the St. James Way, the pilgrimage route through Europe that eventually leads to the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Spain. The Cathedral and parts of the route are also designated as UNESCO cultural sites.

Tomorrow we’ll continue the UNESCO fun with the cathedral in Reims.