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Today I have the last of the series of German UNESCO sites that I will show you: the Pilgrimage Church of Wies. The Church was designed by Dominikus Zimmerman and built between 1745 and 1754. The inside of the church is decorated with intricate frescoes and stuccowork, but I like this exterior view showing the church surrounded by the nearby Alps:


The site is the Pilgrimage Church of Wies and not just the plain Wies Church because in 1738, a miracle supposedly took place here. Tears were seen on a wooden statue of the Scourged Savior, and since tears aren’t appearing on statues all the time, pilgrims flocked to this site to pray and witness the miracle. There are also many claims of pilgrims’ illnesses being cured after praying in front of the statue, which increases its appeal as a pilgrimage site. I’m sure that many people still visit the church, though I am not sure how many are religious pilgrims and how many are UNESCO pilgrims who are in awe of the beautiful artwork and scenery of the church rather than more divine workings.

Tomorrow I’ll take a break from the UNESCO sites, but then I’ll be back with more UNESCO, this time from France!